Broaching Machines

(1) Heavy Duty Broachline Series Machine


  • Unusual Combination: deep broaching “cutting” capabilities plus extremely fast ramspeeds (up to 240 FPM).
  • Ideally teamed-up with carbide broaches to make heavy cuts in difficult materials…ductile iron castings, wrought alloys, stainless steels. Massive construction throughout. Separate hydraulic power system meets ram force (push/pull) requirements up to 20 ton. Model: 48″ to 60″ stroke.

(1) Light Duty Rabbit Series Machine

  • It quickly nibbles away at metal, and also because it’s so mobile. It has a self-contained hydraulic. It takes light cuts (up to 5 tons) at ram speeds up to 150 FPM. It has standard/interchangeable tooling to accommodate various external and internal cut requirements.
  • Models: 24″ stroke capacity.
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